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Simple Swirls

I had two customers who wanted something simple with swirls. This pattern is a simple, but sophisticated design. I chose to enlarge to pattern to complement the quilt not over shadow quilters work.

This customer and I collaborated picking out the design and the thread. I would text her ideas and she would make the final decision. She mailed me the quilt do to the distance. It was winter and the drive was not advisable. She was able to pick it up when it was completed. It thrills me to see how happy and excited the customers was with the final product. It was just what she wanted.

We decided to use cream thread to blend instead of stand out on the front and back of this quilt.

The second quilt was for Kim S my friend and supporter on this new endeavor. She did a simple panel quilt for a Christmas gift for Holly our secretary. When I was working she was a co-worker. It was fun collaborating for someone I knew.

We did the same Simple Swirl pattern.

Kim came over and we did have trouble picking out the thread. In hindsight I should have changed the top thread to light blue on the bottom so it blended into the background. Holly loved the quilt so that is what really matters in the end.

It is exciting to see how the same design looks with different quilts. If your want a quilt done go to Book A Quilt to book your next project. If you have questions just drop me an email. Hope I can help you put the finishing touches on your quilt soon!

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