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Dark thread or Light Thread

Dark thread or light thread? This question baffles quilters with every project. Do I want my quilting to show up on the light color parts of the quilt or the dark colors parts of the quilt.

I havDark thread or Light Threade some examples of what I have done for myself and for customers. It might help you decide in the future what you want.

Dark Thread

Let's talk dark color thread. With a dark color thread you will really see the pattern that is being quilted all over your quilt. To some people this is distracting from the wonderful patchwork. To others it just adds more interest and defines the t.

Light Thread

Now let's talk about light thread. On the light color fabrics it will blend in and not be as noticeable. Sometimes depending on the color you might not see it much in the dark color. You will still see the design but not as noticeable. Gray is also becoming one of my favorite colors to use. Like with sewing the quilt top together the gray's blend in with any color. I had a customer when I suggest gray look at me like I nuts. But she loved how it turned out.


Yet there is a third option many quilters forget is available. It's not for everyone but it is a choice on some quilts. You just have to find the write mixture of colors. On a busy quilt that is mostly dark it blends right in. Were there is light and dark fabrics it stands out.

Mixing threads

What do I mean by mixing threads? I had a quilt for a client and we could not decide if we should go with dark thread or light thread. The top of the quilt panel was dark, the bottom half was light. In hindsight I should have changed the thread to a lighter color when I got to the bottom. These are lessons you learn for future quilts. The client just like learned something new and the recipient loved the quilt any way.

I hope this helps you when choosing thread on your next quilt. Thread for thought do you want to see the design or see the quilt pattern. I now myself, likes to see the pattern, but in a more subtle way.

As alway's I give a 10% discount on your next queen or king size quilt after you donate a twin size quilt. Just bring me a twin size quilt to finish up. You supply the top, backing, batting and binding. I will then quilt and bind it. Afterwards it will be donated to a women's shelter here in Minnesota. The cool thing is, the quilt that is on their bed when they leave the shelter is theirs too keep and take with them.

Here are a couple of quilts that are being donated. They are cheater quilts but there is nothing wrong with simple and easy. The blue landscape quilt is actually a piece of 108 inch wide fabric. Added another 108 inch wide fabric and quilted and put binding on. The women at the shelter will love them. The basket one, my friend thought I did the patchwork. Until she saw it was printed on the fabric.

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