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Land or Sea

Flowing Landscape is one of those patterns that works well if you want the look of water or just have movement. This has become one of my most asked for designs.

It started with one client who made 3 lap quilts for her family. They were all ocean theme fabrics. She wanted something that looked like water. We found this design and I was surprised with the name. When I think of landscape I see rolling hills or mountains. The name was deceiving, this pattern gives the appearance of waves giving the quilt movement. This pattern gave the client the theme she had imagined. She is currently working on another quilt, she loved the designed so much she requested it again.

This client was doing a quilt for her grandson who just got his first sailboat. He grew up sailing on his dad's boat. Now he has a small 2 seater. She made him a scrappy quilt using up some of her blue scrape fabric's. She then appliqué's a sailboat on the quilt.

Another client was making a quilt for a wedding gift. The couple were getting married on a beach. Their wedding colors were coral and teal. The client wanted the quilt to mimic the ocean waves. Even with the more geometric front the motion really worked with the quilt. We went with a gray thread for the front and back. I am finding I use gray quit a bit when wanting the design to show more effectively. It lets the design show without taking away from the quilt design.

So as you can see this is a very fun versatile design for quilts. Whether it be land or sea.

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