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My Journey


I taught myself to quilt back in High School, Its was a log cabin design.  I remember the very middle square was poor quality fabric and it fell apart. While the rest of the fabrics looked as good as new.  That did not discourage me and I made my second quilt for my brother as a wedding gift.  To this day everyone receives a quilt for their wedding.  Along with baby quilt and first big kid quilt. 


Each year I try to make 12 quilts to donate.  I started to do that about 10 years ago when I was trying to get rid of all my scrap fabric (I was trying).  This year I'm making quilts for a women's shelter.  They get to take the quilt on their bed with them when they leave.  


Other than sewing I am an amateur photographer, avid gardener, hiker, and traveler among other things.


After many years of using my domestic sewing machine for machine quilting, I started to rent time on a longarm machine at a quilt shop. Then unexpectedly in October 2021 I received a call, my Dad and his wife had moved and did not have room for her longarm.  Little did I know that call would set in motion a monumental change in my life.  The deal was, in exchange for the machine I would do all of her quilts. I finished putting down new plank flooring in my now quilting room,  painted and a month later picked up the machine.  Thanks, Dad and Betty you changed so much for me with that machine.


November 2021 I was sick with Bronchitis. The latest COVID surge was at its peak.  I was talking to my brother and said "I could not do this anymore I'm too old for this." So an exit plan from my career as a Respiratory Therapist started to hatch. I then purchased robotics for the machine during Black Friday.  At the time I decided to work for 3 years. That would give me plenty of time to learn what I was doing and get established,. Things changed at work and with my health, I decided to retire from being a Respiratory Therapist, after 34 year in February 2022.  Though my plans moved forward sooner than I planned, the transition was just what I needed.


Now I am a longarm quilter, and loving it.  My creativity is fulfilling a need I did not know I was missing.  I am constantly working on wonderful quilts that bring joy to myself and others. 


I cannot wait to see you and your quilt….

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