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What kind of a movement do you want your quilt to express? This question is important to the overall design a project will communicate. There are an array of designs you can do to showcase your quilt. You can go with themed quilts, modern quilts or movement.

I saw this quilt design someplace and fell in love with it. So I had to make a wall hanging just so I could use this design. It's a simple traditional star quilt, however the the machine quilting adds movement. I was so excited about this design I could not sleep one night and kept thinking of this pattern. I got up at 2 in the morning loaded fabric and stitched it out.

Then I had to make the wall hanging and quilt it. I love how the traditional star wall hanging now has movement and changed it from simple to extraordinary.

If you have a quilt with a lot of blank space it will really shine. Name of the design is Sunrise-Skateland. I am currently working at stitching out my designs. Stay tuned.

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