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A Little Florence Flair

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

My girlfriend Kim S. wanted to make a quilt for her sister. She chose to do blues and yellows. I happened to have some fabric leftover from another quilt that fit what she was wanting. It had a Florence Flair to the print. She did a block of the month quilt from All American Patchworks and Quilts that our quilt guild was doing for the year. The finished quilt and stiching complemented each other.

When it came time to quilt it, the first thing I thought of was a Florence design. I found one that both Kim and I liked. We decided on doing a light blue thread for the top to blend in with the background. For the back we went with creamy yellow. You got to see the design but the color of the thread did not take away from the design.

The design is Florence by Anne Bright Designs. The pattern enhances the quilt without taking away from the workmanship. I would love to help you put that finishing touch on your quilt. Just go to book a quilt to get started.

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